Child of the Daughter of War

Child of the Daughter of War
The Bright Knight Chronicles (Book One)
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“A new force rises in a land unseen to kill the child destined to free the dead. Curses shall be upon her brow, death her companion, and darkness her light. Born of those who served and him who ran, child of the daughter of war…”

Daughter of a Duchess. Daughter of a pirate. Necromancer. Adventurer. Destiny’s tool.

Elora Kendal-Greystone has always known she was different. As a child she sailed the seas with her pirate father and bards still sing of the times she healed the sick and raised the dead. But after her father’s death and being adopted by Areane’s Paladin, Elora’s powers seemed to fade.

Now a grown woman, Elora dreams of returning to the sea and pointedly ignores her magical past. But destiny doesn’t intend to let her go. Pursued by shadow beings, wraiths, and the demands of fate, Elora and her crew will be pulled across the magical shoals thought to be the end of the world into a strange new land.

Sequel series to THE AREANE JOURNALS.