Ghost Sniffers, Inc: Skin & Bones

Ghost Sniffers, Inc. is a paranormal investigation firm run by nine-year-old Faith Forge, a little girl whose Type 1 Diabetes gave her the ability to sniff out ghosts. But she’s not the only one with a “trade-off power.” In the fictional world of Ghost
Sniffers, Inc., all young people with life-altering medical conditions or disabilities have super powers. United with Forge, these brave investigators solve mysteries that are serious and silly, wacky and witty.

Forge finds herself adrift after the loss of four new friends and a life-threatening warning from the world of monsters. Maxo tries to help; Maximilian only makes it worse. The discovery of an ancient graveyard near the Starvation Heights estate introduces Forge to a flock of creatures that may be able to break through her tough shell to find the truth… or find what Forge has lost.

Based on Season 1, Episode 4 of Ghost Sniffers, Inc., the television and web series where the actors’ real-life disabilities become super abilities, Skin & Bones is a novelization with a twist written by Launa Sorensen and approved by the show’s creator, Jennifer DiMarco. You’ll find every scene from the original episode and many, many more! Discover the back stories, epic details and side quests that weren’t included in the show in this enhanced adventure.

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