The Dark Sorcerer’s Return

Book Three of the Areane Journals
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“You have no real power, even now you feel it slipping away. A single revolt and it would all be over.”

An ancient hatred has exploded to life, engulfing the Kilane region of Areane in a frenzied witch-hunt to find a creature accused of being a demon. Joined by a woman mysteriously washed ashore from Jim’s old world, Jim and his companions set off to forge a treaty with the people of the nightmarish Red Island. As Jim fights through brigands, mobs, predatory Reds, and hidden assassins, he finds that there is something much more sinister behind the commotion in Kilane… an evil waiting to return more powerful and deadly than anything Jim has ever faced before.

A tale of compassion, determination, destiny, and devotion, The Dark Sorcerer’s Return is the third book in The Areane Journals, a new series chronicling the darkest time in Areane’s history, and the man struggling to save his people from destruction.


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