The Enemy’s Vow

Book Four of the Areane Journals
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“He’s my brother… I need to know he’ll stay alive. If someone gets kidnapped or tortured or killed I want it to be me. He’s safe.”

Zeminar, the dark sorcerer, has returned. War has been declared on Areane. Led by the magical Siblings, Diane, her brother Jim and their band of friends travel to Mahtar in an attempt to stop the fighting before it begins. Mahtar is steeped in tension and crime, the people oppressed by a ruthless dictator bent on ruling the world. Joined by a band of pirates and some unexpected allies, Diane must face political intrigue, torture and magical assault in an attempt to bring order to the world.

A tale of sacrifice, dedication, courage and will, The Enemy’s Vow is the fourth book in The Areane Journals, a new series chronicling the darkest time in Areane’s history, and the woman who may sacrifice everything to save the world.



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