The King’s First Journey

KFJPrintBook One of the Areane Journals
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“Deception, illusion, and wits. Who can out-maneuver the other?”

When a false murder charge sends Jim Taylor and his family fleeing from an enraged mob, they find themselves entrenched in a new world. Areane is a land of myth, infused with magic and creatures of legend, but it quickly proves to be as dangerous as it is strange. Faced with assassins, black magic, and the Areane underground, Jim and his sister Diane attempt to unravel the dark mystery surrounding their arrival and their destinies; a mystery that not only threatens their lives, but the existence of a nation.

A tale of mystery, family, loyalty, and friendship, “The King’s First Journey” begins “The Areane Journals,” a new series chronicling the darkest time in Areane’s history, and the young man who could bring hope to a nation on the verge of destruction.



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