The Paladin’s Choice

PCPrintBook Two of the Areane Journals
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“I felt a cold chill spread throughout my body and an empty ache settle in my heart. My friend was dead.”

A dark threat is sweeping across the nation, seeping into Aldeon, the forest of the Elves. Diane, newly-knighted Paladin of Areane, sets out to defend her kingdom’s allies and protect Jim’s young reign. When tragedy strikes, however, and the true nature of Aldeon’s threat becomes apparent, Diane is caught in a life-ordeath struggle to hold onto everything she has fought so desperately for.

A tale of friendship, bravery, honor, and love, The Paladin’s Choice is the second book in “The Areane Journals,” a series chronicling the darkest time in Areane’s history, and the young woman fighting to save her world from falling apart.




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